Investment grade diamonds – Lesson 3

Diamonds are, together with gold, the symbol of strength and power. The main difference between the two commodities is that the yellow metal has only one quality and an official spot price, while the diamonds’ qualities are over 16,000 and each one has its own price trend.

On the market there is the common phenomenon of “investment grade diamonds”, also sold through the banks.

The “investment grade diamonds” do not exist. The concept is an exceptional marketing invention also used by private banking advisories to push a certain quality of diamonds through an official quote by calling them investment- grade diamonds. These diamonds are sold in all jewelry shops. The customer is led to believe that these diamonds belong to the special category of certified “investment grade diamonds” and are not normally available on the market.

The “investment- grade diamonds” do not exist, but of course, you can invest in diamonds and in the next video you will see how…