Diamond exchange – Lesson 6

A diamond exchange is a real physical place where supply and demand meet and form diamond market prices. Until a few years ago, just like the stock exchanges, there were halls filled with people shouting, pieces of paper, public phones on the walls. Now, everything is online.
All members of a diamond exchange must comply with a strict code of conduct, regulated by the bourse’s rules and byelaws. This ensures the highest standards of professionalism and ethics and offers the guarantee that the trade will be conducted with correctness and integrity.
Being a member of the Diamond Bourse is the highest honor, privilege and responsibility that is possible in the industry as members are bound by these strict code of ethics
In Antwerp, Belgium, where the Bforever headquarter is established, there is the most important diamond district in the world known as AWDC – Antwerp World Diamond Centre. It consists of 4 diamond exchanges; 3 for polished diamonds and 1 for rough diamonds, the only one in the world.
The city also hosts the headquarters of the World Federation Diamond Bourses of the 28 diamond exchanges around the world.
Antwerp trades 80% of rough diamonds and 50% of polished diamonds worldwide. Few people know that the import and export of diamonds is one of the most important voices of the EU’s trade balance.