Colored diamonds

During last years the jewelry market has seen the definitive consecration of colored diamonds. Even if they are relatively new for people, the retail demand for these rare naturally colored diamonds (yellow, pink, blue, orange …) increases every year more and more and from a phenomenon of extreme niche, so there were only 4 or 5 traders in the world, today there are many brokers in the world who offers colored diamonds giving the opportunity to admire them in jewelry, without considering the presence in the world’s most important auction.

For natural colored diamonds there is no official price list reference because they are too rare, but we can say that last years the low intensity diamond (light) grew on average by 10%, while better qualities ( intense, deep and vivid color) increased by at least 35% in yellow, pink and orange. In more rare colors (red and blue) is not possible to have historical series, due to the exceptional nature of the transactions and the rarity of the gems that arrive into the market. Secondly, the desire of very rich consumers to have unique and unusual stones can be satisfied only by this kind of diamonds. The growth of the market for colored diamonds is not geographically homogeneous, and it sees a clear dominance of demand in the U.S.A. and in more advanced emerging countries. The third factor of the growing demand for colored diamonds, is the purchase as investment. Until a few years ago it was clear that some diamonds were more suitable to be as a safe haven, today we see an explosion in buying colored diamonds as a bet for the future.