BFOREVER to know diamonds

BFOREVER is the first service to buy and sell diamonds with the logic of a financial instrument starting from €1.000.
Diamonds don’t have only one official price like gold, but each quality has a price and there are 16000 qualities traded on the market.

BFOREVER cares about your diamond purchase

You can buy a diamond to realize a jewel or to be stored in a vault to try and make sure your savings are safe.

BFOREVER is designed to teach you which quality is best suited for your purposes.


Our team uses most advanced tools to analyse and show you the historical price trend in three baskets of diamonds offering you the chance to choose the best suited diamond for you.

All data showed and used in our statistics are verified and verifiable to let you know the current market in a glance.

Diamonds listed in the BFOREVER catalogue are classified by price, weight, 10 years performance and risk degree for each basket.

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BFOREVER to choose diamond starting from price trend

We have classified diamond qualities in three baskets to meet your expectations even if you want to realize a jewel.
While you search a diamond in our catalogue you could easily recall a chart with the last 10 years price trend of the basket in USD and Euro.