The BForever project, by Marcello Manna.

Internet has accelerated the process of renewal for every company, including diamond traders.

When the Investment Diamond Company® project started, we had a question to solve: what market needs?

The first answer was how to allow to many diamond lovers to choose their goods considering the knowledge the market trends. The second step was: allowing to diamond owners to enter into the market to sell them.

That’s why the BFOREVER® project was born, open the first market-place where everyone can buy or sell their own diamonds at market prices.

Before internet the diamond market has been dominated by the opacity and information asymmetry between seller and buyer with the result that today there are many online diamond sellers at lowest and cheapest prices of the market that have destroyed the commercial supply chain.

All of us have irresponsibly ignored the new challenges of the market without any service innovation and no investment in gemological skills for new generation of operators.

BFOREVER® is one of the answer to the expectiations of new customers that could be a buyer or a seller that needs informations and transparency.

The inspiration that we feel in our job has always lead our choices to be proud of our customers confidence that brings us the most positive feeling that we ever could imagine.

It is not thirsty for money to reinvest 90% of the profits in their own company every year, without using bank credit, to innovate and develop new services that allow the most precious material in the world to be known and appreciated by all of you … that’s why we say: welcome to the future of diamond.